Ragdoll Physics Games

Ragdoll Physics Games. As the name depicts, the games enlisted in this segment are based of principals of physics. However, we don’t need to be an expert of that subject. All we need to do is to get the hands on the computer keyboard and move the mouse.

Some of the best games in this segment are Nuclear Ragdoll, Spartans, Rolling Fall, Ragdoll Spree, Crash Test Launcher, Ricochet Kills (second version), Ragdoll Cannon (third version), Gibbets (second version), Dummy Never Fails, Ragdoll Goalkeeper, Ragdoll Stairfall (second version) etc.

In this segment, the Nuclear Ragdoll is famous among the students. The game is about hitting the target by using cannons in order to shoot the ragdolls. Players find this game identical to the ragdoll cannon sequence of games. Then, the action packed game is the on the net which is known as the Spartans. The game would make us feel like an exact Spartan and in this way; we need to save the ragdoll peasants from the gallows. Our own aspiration could be helping us to make a decision in regards to the lives of the ragdolls. All we need to do is to fire the ropes and rescue the peasants. Then, we have the Rolling Fall. Here, we would be given a weapon like knife and need to use the iron balls in order to kill the zombies. It may require a bit of intelligence to complete all the levels. Then, we can enjoy the Ragdoll Spree game. Inn this game, we need to start on ragdolls to strike balloons and make a note of obstacles in the ragdoll dummy game. No doubt, the game is extremely colorful and we would be having fun while playing it. Then we can go for Crash Test Launcher which is another kind of a torment game where our main work would be to make as much damage to the dummy crash ragdoll as we can. We can also obtain the upgrades and take wing to the next level of the game. After this, we could play Ricochet Kills (second version) where we need to shoot at ragdolls with the bouncing darts. We can also use the pistol for shooting at the ragdolls. These ragdoll physics games are extremely user friendly and that is the main reason behind the popularity of ragdoll games.

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