Review of Flash Game: Test Subject Blue

Test Subject Blue is a fun puzzle game. The game follows many of the same principles of the more complex puzzle game “Portal”. It is also the first in a series of games. In this flash game, the main character, an enzyme named Blue, is a test subject of Xend Industries. The scientist injects the blob into a portable vial at the start of each level. The portals in each level are already set. The way Blue enters portals, dictates the direction that he comes out of the coordinating portal. The goal is to get both gold microchips. The one not in a vial, must be retrieved first. When this microchip is retrieved, the chip in the vial is released. Once Blue reaches this chip, the level is complete and Blue is graded by the scientist, who has been watching Blue through the window of the maze. Each day this scientist tests Blue with a new level. A confusing concept at first but easy to figure out after a few practice levels.

This game isn’t easy, which is definitely a plus. While Blue tries to use the portals to reach his goal, he encounters other challenges such as villainous orange enzymes, traps that explode when touched, and even gets shot at by robot cannons in the walls of the maze. To combat these obstacles, all Blue can do is jump, dodge, time his portal entries, and occasionally shoot back. Each level is more complex than the one before and almost all the levels introduce some sort of new obstacle that the previous level did not have. It would be difficult to get bored whilst working your way through this. The controls in the game are simple; use the arrow keys to move Blue and hit your space bar to jump. This helps the player nimbly guide Blue around these obstacles. The easy controls are surprising with the complex story line, but go well with the cute animation. The ending of the game is great as well.

One negative aspect of the game is Blue’s Cannon. It is easy to use, but it isn’t effective against most of the things Blue encounters. It cannot disarm bombs or damage cannons that are shooting at you. It can only be used to kill one type of “bad guy”, the orange enzymes, and to hit the switches that temporarily turn off the portals. Hints and Tips:

As the levels become more difficult, timing is key. The player not only has to time the bullets while entering the portal, but he or she also has to time the incoming bullets on the other side of the portal.

Keep in mind the variables which are used to calculate the score. This includes, how many times Blue dies, how many bad enzymes are killed, and how quickly the level is completed.

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